Metzler Mutts

(3x4ft) acrylic on canvas. This is a commissioned piece of the client's pets. It is a satirical piece where the animals are posing as a 17th century family. The frame and wallpaper are also painted.

Painting including a two dogs and a cat dressed and positioned as a 17th century family.

Black Lives Matter

(3x3ft) mixed media on canvas. This piece is a collection of symbols used in the Black Lives Matter Movement. In the silhouette of the black women in the center of the piece, are the names of those affected by police brutality. The collection of various materials on the piece represents the African diaspora, or the spreading of people from their original homeland. The melting pot that is America, is shown here as a mixed media piece.

A collection of symbols representing the Black Lives Matter movement.

Skulls in Pink

(3x4ft) acrylic on canvas. This is a vanitas painting, meaning it is a symbolic work depicting life, pleasure, and the certainty of death. The skull and unlit candle are representative of death, the growing, potted flowers represent life, and the perfume, makeup, wine bottles, and articles of clothing are the pleasures of life.

Painting including a skull on top of a tabel next to bottels of alcohol with social media sites as labels.

Rain Makes Flowers Grow

(11”x14”) acrylic on canvas. This is a commission piece, where I included her daughter in the process. Together we created the background of handprints, and she helped choose the colors. Then I painted the daughters silhouette and painted the words of the clients choosing.

A silhoutte of a girl holding an umbrella with handprints surounding her.

Dear White People Royals

(3.5x4ft) oil based ink on paper. Inspired by the Netflix Original Series “Dear White People”. The figure depicted is the main character of the series, mono-printed in red, blue, and purple. The colors chosen represent the politically driven issues raised in the show. This piece is a mix of mono printing with ink, and citra solv transfers.

Multi-material piece of woman with purple hair.

Diary Unfolded

mixed media. This piece was created by sewing and tapping large pieces of mixed media paper together in an organic form. I then toned the paper with watercolor paint and used ink, paint, markers, pastels, chalk, makeup, and graphite to create a piece inspired by my middle school diary.

Large multimedia portrait of  woman.

Still Life in Graphite

(2x4ft) graphite on paper. This piece was drawn from life over the course of a few weeks. The focus of this piece was realism and using a new technique of building up graphite. There is no pressure put on this paper to make darker areas, ideally, this whole piece could be erased back to bright white. The objects in this piece are life sized.

Graphite drawing of a skull and other random objects.

Curly Hair Blues

(8”x12”) ink on lightweight BFK Paper. This piece is a monoprint, depicting a girl with longing sadness. The blue wash and simple line work is meant to portray a subtle sadness that is felt in the air.

Commissioned Piece

(16”x20”) acrylic on stretched canvas. I was commissioned to create this piece of a mother throwing her daughter up at the beach, as a Christmas present. It is a celebration of joy, love and freedom. I was given artistic liberty with this piece and was sent a picture, but I was allowed to do with it what I will. I kept the figure relatively the same and took liberty with the sky, and water in the image.

Altered Sweatshirt

Bleach and fabric markers on cotton fabric. This piece was a gift, I altered the back of a sweatshirt with the medic from “One Piece”, Tony Tony Chopper. This gift was for someone who is a parametric and a huge anime fan.

Pandemic Blues

(8”x10”)- mixed media on canvas. This piece was a collaborative piece with a 5-year old that I know. She used feathers, glitter, paint and glitter glue to create the background. We then did a little photoshoot with her new, and favorite mask, and I created the portrait of her on top. It was then gifted to her mother.

Ask No Questions

Mixed media on cardboard and paper. This mixed media piece uses crayons, markers, colored pencils, and sharpie on various types of paper and cardboard. It is a self portrait, created during a time I was feeling frustrated and out of control. It combines text, juvenile abstraction and an upside down self portrait to express the emotions felt that day.

Commissioned Portrait

(16”x20”) acrylic on stretched canvas. I was commissioned to recreate a loved photograph of the client's father on his wedding night. The work was a birthday gift for the client’s dad. I recreated the picture with a painterly finish, focusing on capturing the joy and laughter felt in the photograph.

Anniversary Gift

(8”x10”) acrylic on canvas board. This piece was a gift for my parents 30th anniversary. It captures them on the day of their anniversary, about to go out for their day together.

Custom Nikes

Commissioned custom Nike Air-Force 1's. Acyclic medium mixed with fabric paint.

Family Embrace

(8”x10”) acrylic on canvas. Abstract.


(5”x7”) acrylic on canvas. Commissioned piece.

Enlightened Lilac

(8”x10”) acrylic on canvas. Abstract.

Commissioned Piece

(8”x10”) mixed media on canvas. Abstract, commissioned for a business.

Eryn's Trilogy

(3'x5') mixed media on canvas. Triptych, commissioned piece.