Master Copy "Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy"

(18”x24”) acrylic on canvas. This piece is a recreation of Artemisia Gentileschi’s painting. The study was focusing on recreating something as exact as possible. The expression of ecstasy on her face was the hardest and most important part of making this recreation.

Acrylic painting of a woman leaning back filled with ecstasy.

Poussin Study in Acrylic

(11”x14”) acrylic on canvas. This study focuses on using only three tones of the same color to create a work of art. It focuses heavily on the shapes and shades that create form and atmosphere.

Acrylic painting of nude women using varying tones of the color pinkk.

Portrait in Charcoal

(9”x12”) charcoal on mixed media paper. This portrait was drawn from life and the woman shown is the figure model. The study was done in one sitting and was focusing on capturing the emotion and peacefulness of the model.

Charcoal portrait of a woman.

Figure Structure Study

Acrylic on scrap wood. This study was painted from life. The vibrancy of the colors and the atmosphere were intensified but the figure was painted as close to life as possible. This study was focusing on the anatomy of the figure.

Nude painting of a man on a sofa.

Portrait in Acrylic

(2x3ft) acrylic on canvas. This was a commissioned work inspired by a concentration I created in 2016-2017. The focus of my concentration was the human body in its most vulnerable and exposed form, on top of a dark background, with exaggerated, abstract color adorning the skin.

Nude painting of a man facing away from the viewer.

Master Copy in Graphite

(18”x24”) graphite on bristol paper. This study was to work on realism and exact recreation for commission work. I focused on mastering the texture of skin and pushing my darker tones.

Graphite drawing of a hand.

Brandon in Graphite

(9”x 12”) graphite on mixed media paper. This portrait was a study on profiles. The focus of this study was to capture emotion and atmosphere with a side profile shot.

Orange Figures

(20”x 40”) acrylic on canvas. Commissioned work, diptych of a couple.